Saturday, May 24, 2008

General Principles Dealing With Unit Trust Investment Scheme

Honesty, Dignity and Integrity
A registered person dealing with unit trust should at all times strive to act with honesty, dignity and integrity. A person dealing with unit trust should also conduct himself and should encourage other person who are also dealing in unit trust to market and distribute unit trusts in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on himself, fellow registered persons dealing in unit trust and the unit trusts industry itself.

In particular, the registered persons who are dealing in unit trusts must not misrepresent or recklessly represents :-

  • His qualification or that of the management company he represents.
  • The product and or it characteristics offered by the Management Company he represents.
  • The past investment performance of the fund he is marketing.
Conduct, which is dishonest, would include any omission of a material fact. A material fact may be defined as one which would cause the customer to appreciate that the unit trust fund is different from that actually represented to him.

Fair Dealing
A registered person should at all times deal in a fair and equitable manner. Aggressive and offensive sales practices should be avoided.

Good Faith
A registered person should always deal with good faith and with the best of intentions. The customer is to be treated with respect and should be given full disclosure of all information pertinent to his investment decision.