Friday, January 4, 2008

Choosing A Professional Fund Manager : Why Can't I Do It Myself?

Put not your trust in money
But put your money in trust
Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are a lot of peolple who like to "do it their way" when it comes to investing. Right or wrong, they want to be captain of their ship. But not eveyone can or likes to be captain of their ship. Being a passenger has advantages. It is usually more comfortable and certainly less time consuming. When your investments are managed by someone else, you sit back and either reap the harvest or suffer the loss.

Bank deposits and insurance are the best known managed investments outside the securities area. They usually have some guarantee of principal or income, and the income is usually low with not much risk.

Where does that leave you if you want your money to not only produce a reasonable income now, but to also grow over the years?

The answer to your question is PROFESSIONAL FUND MANAGEMENT.....If you lack experience, time, financial resources, or courage to personally manage investments, or if you believe others can get better results, this is the way to go.