Thursday, January 3, 2008

What Are The Three Rules Of Investing?

There is no simple formula for successful investing. If there were, it would include three basic elements:
  1. Understand what we buy
  2. Buy value at a reasonable price
  3. Be patient

Understanding is so basic, it is often neglected. Too often an investment is made with no total understanding of the transaction. It is vital to understand your investment - the good, the bad, the risks and the rewards. Fully comprehending the objective of any investment will help you be more comfortable.

Value buying demands both research and discipline. A stock may be judged undervalued for various reasons. If an industry is out of favor, the market value of the stocks within the industry might go lower but, if the fundamentals are still positive, it is an opportunity for the investor to buy selectively as it is still a good value stock.

Patience is a vital ingredient of value investing. It could take several years for the value of your investment to materialise. This waiting period demands both patience and confidence. Most successful investors know it takes time for their investment to double, triple, and so forth. Professional managers generally agree that 5 years is reasonable.